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The Best Apple.

How does one part seas?

How do you see past what’s right in front you?

You hope for the best even when it’s drowned in despair.

Climb the tallest tree to get the best apple.

The journey is long, tough, treacherous…

You the higher you are, the more dangerous it is…

Why do walk this path?

How do we know for sure?

We don’t

The beauty of faith is that you never know what comes out of it. 

Pineappples and Kiwis

When I hold your hand, my fingers just line up like stars.
Then I look at your face, you’re just sitting there smiling at me.
I see the dimple on your fair skin amd your soft lips.
Next thing I know we’re on a beach then the sunset comes into your eyes and I just see the most beautiful radiant color I’ve ever come across.
I see the shadow from your lashes in your eyes
The glimmer that they give off from the sun.
With those eyes how could I ever lose my way when I know exactly where to go.
Then I take my hand softly stroke your cheek and then my lips meet yours.
A feeling like no other, like I’m being taken across the entire universe all at once but its just as strong as putting my hands over yours at the piano.

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